S&P Supa Spa Bath Suction w/ 40mm male thread - 3 Screws

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S&P spa bath suction. Replaces older Chrome, Gold, and Plastic spa bath suction covers with 3 screws or 40mm thread. (actual thread measures approx 45.5-47mm OD). Gold is not available. Screws in to a 40mm BSP socket. Pipe does not glue into this suction.

Replaces many spa bath suctions. Replaces both plastic and metal suction covers with 3 screws from S&P and Onga - 40mm thread (approx 45-48mm OD)

S&P Supa Suction:

  • 40mm BSP thread (47mm OD thread)
  • 85mm / 100mm  OD faceplate diameter
  • 27.5mm thick (cover itself)
  • Cover screws are 49-50mm apart
  • Threads into 40mm BSP faucet adaptor or elbow fittings, or any other female 40mm BSP fitting
  • Hole size required: 50mm
  • Not for Pipe to be glued into.

Australian Approved flow rate is 168 litres per minute. Many pumps exceed this flow rate. You may need to fit multiple suctions of this type if chosen. 

wc-ASF480 / ASF480 / wcasf480

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