Spa Industries 5" Light Casing - 125 Diameter / 95mm Hole - Signature SpaQuip Waterway

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Common spa light fitting used in older Spa Industries' built spas such as Signature Spas, Bullfrog, Designer, Leisureite and others. Approximately 125-127mm diameter face, and requires a 95-97mm hole. 

Suits Bayonet-type clip in globe holder. Comes with locking nut, lens, and silicone o-ring gasket.

Earlier ones failed with stress-cracking due to over tightening, and / or where the silicone ring eventually perishes.


GG Industries, Balboa, Rising Dragon 124874 RD-631-1040, Spa-Quip QRD5LH, Waterway ww630-K008

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