Spa-King Peacemaker Spa Air Blower - aka Bubblers

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Spa King® Loop Charged Injected Peace Maker Spa Blowers. Highest Quality Commercial Grade Air Blowers.

Spa King® products have incorporated in its unique design a cooling fan (standard & burial Blowers) to deliver the correct air flow through the motor for optimal serviceable life under all operational conditions from heat to cold environments which includes long distance pipe work, deep water outlets up to 2 metres.

Note: It is extremely important to replace a failed blower, even if you tend not to use it often. The air lines fill with uncirculated water that needs to be flushed out regularly to prevent bacterial growth such as Legionella or others.

Features & Benefits:

  • Most Reliable
  • Safest
  • Quietest
  • Powerful Pressure
  • Long Running
  • Built in Cooling Fan
  • 995W
  • 1.5HP
  • 52dBA @ 5m


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