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Spa Power SP 750 Spa Control System - Spa-Quip - Repairs and Parts

  • From $399.00

These were a very common control system used in Monarch and other spas. May be listed as Spa Power 750, SP750, SP750A20, SP750A30, SP750B20, SP750B30. We also have listings for alternative systems. These systems have been discontinued by the manufacturer, and only a few spare parts are available.

They may be able to be repaired, along with touchpad. Please note that most repairs are getting more expensive, so a replacement control system may be the most efficient option.

We do all electronic repairs and can assess and advise repair costs, or appropriate replacement units. 

Refurbished / Changeover parts are listed here when in stock. Can only be sold along with installation by us. To purchase refurbished parts, you will need to send in your controller to ensure no other parts are needed to be replaced.

Available Parts for Spa Power 750 Spa Controllers:
PCB *Obsolete* <--- can be sent for possible repair
Touchpad / Keypad
Heater Retrofit Instructions Here

Please Post Control Systems & Touchpads for Repair to:
Melbourne Spa Repairs
PO Box 3148
Mornington Vic 3931