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SpaCare Spa Sanitizer - Lithium Hypochlorite Replacement - Better and Cheaper!

  • From $21.00

SpaCare Spa Sanitiser is a fantastic Lithium hypo replacement. Similar dosage to lithium for spas, but also contains extra features. Better than bromine, and far safer for the spa equipment. This is what Melbourne Spa Repairs uses on their regular service runs, and for holidays homes, etc.

Shipped Fast from NSW, VIC, QLD. 
Pick-up is available from our office in Vic. 


  • Similar dosage to Lithium, but cheaper
  • Multi-purpose sanitiser
  • Softens and smooths water
  • Clarifies to produce sparkling clear water
  • Prevents the growth of algae 

Spa Care Sanitizer also contains:

  • Tetraborate: Softens, clarifies and hinders the growth of algae. 
  • Non-Chlorine Oxidiser: Removes unwanted organics, combined chlorines freeing up your chlorine's ability to effectively sanitise the water. 
  • Clarifying Agent: Gathers fine particles together making them big enough to be trapped in the filter. No need to use additional clarifiers, at all!