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Max Air Standard Universal Retro-fit Spa Blower - 3.5amp 1.5hp - Air Supply of The Future

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*No Longer Sold* - Use This Replacement

The Max Air by Air Supply of The Future features a new high-performance motor that runs cooler and quieter, as low as 65 dB. Small and compact, the Max Air ideal for bathtubs.

Available options include:

  • L x W x H: 9″ x 6.5″ x 6.75″
  • Air or electronic speed control
  • Heater

The Max Air’s revolutionary new motor dramatically improves performance wile running cooler and quieter. In a typical spa you can expect up to 25% more air and 30% greater pressure than with a standard motor. New housing design with bottom air inlet creates a tortuous path, trapping noise inside the blower for ultra quiet performance. Small profile with easy access mounting tabs makes installations a snap.

When replacing other blowers, let us know and we will supply with 50/40 pipe adaptors.

Comes with 3-pin, AMP, or MiniJJ plugs. An Air switch can be fitted, if necessary. 

Not suitable for outdoor use.

Replaces older

Air Supply of The Future - Ultra 9000 Air Blower

Model 1 3913201

*No Longer Sold* - Use This Replacement