Venturi Pump - For Removing Water, Sand, Debris - V-Pump aka Slurpy

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Slurpy Pump or V-Pump 060400 Multipurpose Submersible Water Pump. Orange / Black. Now comes with 4-piece flexible corrugated hosing. Commonly used for draining spas, small ponds, aquariums, sand changes, and more. 
  • Will move liquids and mud up to 75 litres per minute
  • No electricity needed; the innovative design uses water pressure from a garden hose to create suction
  • Easily connects to your garden hose with the provided garden hose adaptor
  • No inlet screen means no straining; The Venturi Pump is capable of pumping solid materials such as small leaves, pebbles and other debris without clogging
  • Approximately 1 part water in, 4 parts water out
  • 12-Month Warranty

Using the V-Pump is simple, and there’s no oil to top up or rotator to break. Just hook the pump up to a garden hose and turn it on. The vacuum created by the water jetting through the pump will remove water, mud and other debris.

How does it Work? The V-Pump patented design utilises the venturi effect to maximise pumping capacity. The venturi effect occurs when liquid flows through a compressed section of pipe. The result is increased fluid velocity & reduced fluid pressure.