Waterway 2" Spa Jet Diverter Valve Cap & Handle - Buttress Thread

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Waterway 2" diverter valve replacement cap and handle kit - textured 5 point scalloped - grey
New Buttress style thread: Has the word "BUTTRESS" stamped/embossed on underside of threaded cap. (used since approx 2006)
  • Elite 5 Point Scallop design.
  • Diameter of cap - 95mm, Height of the thread - 16mm,
  • Cap Thread diameter 69.5mm ID
  • Buttress Thread is a thread that is sloped on one side only (sawtooth). The other side is at 90° to the body of the thread.
Cannot be used to replace earlier Waterway 2" diverter valve parts with a 'V' shaped thread. (cap must have 'BUTTRESS' embossed on the underside)