Waterway 5HP/3.5HP/2HP-2.5HP (1.5-1.8kw) Executive Pump Impeller

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Very common impeller in older spas. The horsepower ratings were a bit confusing as some areas use Brake Horsepower, and also North American uses 60Hz power to our 50Hz. Old pumps that were 2hp-2.5hp may be labelled 5HP. Check dimensions to compare. Pump label may have on it's metal tag 1.5kW. 


  • 115mm Diameter
  • 15.5 Vane Width (Inner)
  • 6 x Vanes
  • May be marked "5HP" on suction throat

New impellers are normally black, and perform / measure the same but look different on the back, and have a small hex in the centre of the throat.