Waterway 50mm / 2" Spa Jet Diverter Valve Kit & Spare Parts - Valve, Rotor, Handle, Seals

Diverter Parts: Complete Waterway 2" Diverter - Gray

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Very common jet diverter used on spas since 2004. Suits Waterway 2" Diverter valves after 2004. Will have the word ' BUTTRESS' stamped in the mould on the underside. There is a similar Hydroair diverter listed here. Gray, White, Scalloped & Textured styles available. See notes below.

Approx 95mm diameter, 12mm thread height, cap thread diameter 70mm ID.

Parts Available (Interchangeable):

  • Complete Diverter Valve
  • Valve Handles
  • Valve Caps
  • Valve Rotors / Gates
  • Valve O-ring Seals

Important Notes: There are similar parts to these. If your diverter cap has the word "BUTTRESS" under the top, these do not fit. Please use these non-Buttress parts here.  See below photo to double-check the thread on your diverter body.

"Buttress" is a later type of thread used. Non-Buttress "V-Shape" thread is used on older spas. 

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