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Zodiac / Jandy JXi Gas Pool Heaters - Pricing & Spare Parts

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The Zodiac JXi Natural Gas pool and spa heater uses the latest technology and innovation to provide you with patented technology and some exceptionally unique features and benefits, whether you are a pool owner, pool technician, pool shop or a pool builder, the Zodiac JXi Gas Heater has something for all of our customers.  Please read the data sheet to find out more about the new JXi Gas Heater!

Zodiac JXi High-Efficiency Pool & Spa Heating

The JXi Gas Heater sets a new standard in pool and spa heating technology, with its ultra-compact size, light weight and innovative design, providing the greatest flexibility for the pool owner.

Only Available in 2 sizes, 200MJ and 370MJ and for LPG or Natural Gas

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