3-5mm Air Line Hose / Tube for Spa and Pool Air Switch Controls

Length: 3mm Spa Pool Air Line Tube Hose - Per Metre


This is a small bore 3mm OD tube for all types of air switches and buttons. Better quality than the clear 5mm used in many pool airswitches. Comes with standard adapters for air buttons and nipples for common clear 3mm ID tube. The best replacement.  

Features / Why it's better than standard 5mm old tube:
- 3mm OD allows longer runs than old 5mm tube
- Less elastic walls allows longer runs than old 5mm tube
- Fits inside old 5mm tube for easy joining & repairs
- Comes with some 5mm tube to use as joiners

This small bore tube allows much longer distances and/or use of less sensitive buttons. Comes with a bit of 5mm hose to use as tube joiners. 

Fits Astralpool, Hurlcon, Dega, Balboa, Onga, Space Age, and all other pool/spa air control systems

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