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APG-U Ozone Generator

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APG-U ozonator that was used in most Signature, Spa Industries, SCS, Leisurite, Designer, Bullfrog and other spas over the last few years. Made by Del-Ozone. Can also be used with an air pump to run ozone for longer periods. Has LED operation light. A cheaper, but good alternative ozone generator is also available.

  • For spas up to 5000 liters in volume
  • Ozone output: 50 - 70mg/h
  • Light when the ozonator is operating
  • Product lifespan: >5 years
  • Product dimensions: H : 85 mm x L 125 mm x thickness 58 mm
  • Ozone generator with Corona discharge
  • Purifies water with less chemical products
  • Non-irritating
  • 120-240V, 10 Watts

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