Astralpool Hurlcon VX Salt Chlorinator Circuit Board PCBS - VX VXS VXT models

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Chlorinator Model: VX S Hurlcon Astralpool Main PCB
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Astralpool VX-Chlorinator Power Time Control PCB 70382 & 70383. 70382 is for all VX T models (with Timer), while 70383 is for the VX S salt chlorinator modules. Note that the two circuit board appear almost identical, so care should be taken when choosing the correct PCB. 

Hurlcon & Astralpool VX6, VX7, VX9, VX11, VX13, VX6T, VX7T, VX9T, VX11T, VX13T, VX6S, VX7S, VX9S, VX11S, VX13S

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