Balboa / Lanark / Monarch Bathtronic & Bathmaster V1 Upgraded Repair Kit - OBSOLETE

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Pump Model

Obsolete as of 02/2020 - No Longer Available. You will need to upgrade to this alternative listed here.

Archived Listing Below:

Includes new Circuit board & Touchpad. Please check pump version when choosing.

ALL Spa Pool Director, Turbo, Executive, Spa Engine and other touchpads are obsolete

Spa Bath Bathtronic and Bathmaster (v1) are obsolete. Bathmaster V2 & DR series available only

Bathtronic touchpads have buttons 45mm apart - Pump codes are 23x3, 2403
Power light offset to left, 4 pin connector
NOT AVAILABLE - Use Upgrade Kit

Bathmaster (v1) touchpads have buttons 17mm apart - Pump codes are 23x2, 2402
Power light on left side, 6 pin connector
NOT AVAILABLE- Use Upgrade Kit

Current Bathmaster V2 touchpads have buttons 36mm apart (18mm apart for Plus model - Pump codes are 23x4, 2404
Power light in centre, 8 pin connector (6 used)

If your spa bath has either Bathtronic or Bathmaster (v1) pump/touchpad fitted, you will need to upgrade to Bathmaster V2 using respective replacement kits listed below