Balboa TP500S Touchpad Topside Control Panel

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Balboa's latest TP500S touchpad can be used to replace the TP600 and others. Much better design over the TP600, as it has a menu-driven display. Can be used on Revolution, BP601, BP2100 and other Balboa control systems.

Type of Product: Topside control, touch panel or touch pad
Manufacturer: Balboa
Power: Volts: 12v
Compatible With: works with Balboa BP Series such as BP601 and BP2100
Button Configuration: WARM, COOL and MENU, LIGHT JETS, AUX
Connections: 4 black plastic pins in a grid formation
Screens: Serial Standard style - 4 large digits in horizontal line with scrolling text
Dimensions: Length: 181 mm Height: 89 mm
Additional Notes: Overlay included