Balboa TP600 Touchpad Keypad Control Panel - 6 button oval

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6-button oval Balboa TP600 spa control touchpad with overlay. Has different labels. 6 button oval shape. Used by several importers & Spa Industries (Leisurite, Designer, Cyclone, Prestige, Bullfrog, Signature, Lanark, Spas Direct, Sun Seal, etc.). Comes with standard Balboa Overlay Decal. See Notes below.
Commonly used on spas with BP601, BP2100Revolution, Dominator and Colossus controllers. Suits all BP-Series Systems: BP5XX, BP6XX, BP1XXX, BP2XXX, SIPB 601X
Important Notes: 
  • See images for various Overlay decals that have been used on these touchpads.
  • Note that these come with the standard Balboa factory Overlays, but you can order standalone touchpads here, and other overlay decals here.   
  • It is cheaper to order this touchpad incl overlay, than a combo of standalone + touchpad.
Early versions commonly had button issues, where the internal contactor would move.  
  • Button configuration: Jets, Aux, Flip, Warm, Light, Cool. 
  • Face dimensions: Length - 183mm x Width - 90mm Oval shape.
  • Cut dimensions : Length - 147mm x Width - 62mm.
  • Has black molex plastic plug with 4 plastic pins.

- Heater
- Touchpad 
- Circuit Board
- Control Box
WiFi Module

Heater - Standard
Heater - Titanium
Heater Element-only - Titanium
Heater Element-only - Tefal Coated
Circuit Boards
- Complete Controller

TP 600 How-To Instruction Manual

Leisurite spas touchpad.  Bullfrog spas touchpad. Designer spas touchpad. 
GTIN: 0753610479307 / MPN: 34-55673 / UPC: 0753610479307 / Allied Code: 3-00-8078 / OEM Code: 55673-09 / Brand: Balboa Water Group