Davey Spa-Quip Spa Power Optical Water Sensor - H2O Error 6 Repair Parts

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Davey SpaQuip Spa Power Optical Water Sensor. Common source of Error 06, or H2O faults on Davey SpaQuip Spa Power controllers such as the Davey SpaQuip Spa Power 400, 600, 601, 750, 800, 1000, 1200.

Sometimes crack with age or over-tightening. Also calcify where water chemistry has gone out of balance.

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SP400 (not recommended), SP 600, SP601, SP750, SP800, SP1000*, SP1200
*Some Spa Power 1000 used an optical sensor with a finer thread. In this case, you will need up upgrade the heater assembly.

Does not suit the SP54500 or 500A.

 Optical Water Sensor for: Spa Power 400, Spa Power 600, Spa Power 601, Spa Power 750, Spa Power 800, Spa Power 1000, Spa Power 1200

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