Davey Emaux Spa-Quip Jet Face Assembly - 89mm - Directional and Swirl

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Davey Emaux Spa-Quip Standard Jet Replacements. Used in Freedom Pools & Spas, Monarch Pool Systems, Compass Pools and many older spas. Face diameter of 89mm - 90mm. Also called a Standard Jet. Has a scalloped white face. 

Replaces all Emaux Davey 2 port diverter jet barrels including the scalloped white Luxury version. Also replaces the larger 108mm jets.

Some older jet bodies had a slight variation in sizing that will require the removal of the silicone o-rings on the jet. 


  • Face Diameter: 89-90mm
  • Length: 113mm
  • Barrel Diameter: 43.77mm (rear)
  • Sleeve Diameter: 53mm (behind face)
  • No of Scallops: 15
  • Suits these Bodies