Davey SpaQuip Blower 940W (now 750W) - Supercharger - Q5601 - 5501 - Single-Speed

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Davey Spa-Quip 5601 replaces older Supercharger 5501 blowers. The Davey range of spa blowers offer energy efficiency at a very affordable price. With more air generated for less power usage than alternate models, the Davey SpaPOWER blowers mean enjoyment is guaranteed. Can come with AMP Plug, Cat38 3-Pin, Mini JJ, or Mini JJ (Aux) Leads

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The SpaPOWER blowers range feature single speed and variable speed blowers with various plug connections, air switch operated versions and a heated single speed blower. Operation can be managed from your spa pool touchpad.

With available air flow up to 70litres per second, the SpaPOWER Blowers make your spa experience much more enjoyable.


  • All Davey SpaQuip 940W blowers now use a new more-efficient 750W motor as of 2020

Other Information:

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  • 5501 - superseded by 5601
  • 5601 - 940W (now 750W) - Single-Speed
  • 5602 - 940W (now 750W) - Variable Speed
  • 5603 - no longer available
  • 5604 - 1380W - Single-Speed
  • 5605 - 1380W - Single-Speed, Air-Switch operated
  • 5606 - no longer available
  • 5607 - 1240W - Heated, Single-Speed
  • 5612 - 940W (now 750W) - Single-Speed, Air-Switch operated