Davey Spa-Quip Spa Power 1200 Spa Control System - 3.0kw 4.5kw 6.0kw - Oval or Rectangle Touchpad

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The Davey Spa Power 1200 controller is the top of the range Davey SpaQuip model offering enhanced features to handle high demand applications including swim spas. Can come with 3kw (3.5kW), 4kw (4.5kW), or 5.5-6kW heater. When ordering, choose oval, or rectangular touchpad and heater size. Great for replacing Spa Power 1000 controllers. See more info below.


  • Available in 3.5kW, 4.5kW and 6.0kW heater options the controller has the functionality to manage the high demands of multiple configuration systems. 
  • Control up to 5 pumps
  • Can be fitted for single, or 3-phase power
  • Multi-language LCD touchpad
  • Includes in-built temperature sensor and in pool temperature sensor as standard.
  • Full functionality from the touchpad to program temperature & filtration cycles and maintenance reminders.
Can Control:
  • Two single speed pumps OR one two speed pump, plus an additional two single speed pumps OR an additionial two speed pump
  • Single speed blower OR additional single speed pump
  • Variable speed blower
  • In addition to the above, a 24hr circulation pump and spa ozonator can be installed
  • Up to four Davey Spa Power variable colour LED lights OR up to 60 individual LED's from the Davey Spa chain lighting range
  • Separate 12V output for other brands of lights

Davey SpaPOWER 1200 Spa Controllers for spa pools and swim spas.

Type Maximum Amps kW Touch Pad Options Time Clock Expander Pack
Q1200AU-35 40AMP 3.5kW Oval, rectangular or racetrack Included Compatible
Q1200AU-45 40AMP 4.5kW Oval, rectangular or racetrack Included


Q1200AU-60 40AMP 6kW Oval, rectangular or racetrack Included Compatible
The Davey SP1200 range of spa controllers are the perfect controller to drive large spa pools and swim spas. The most feature packed controller in the range, the SP1200 controllers can run up to five spa pumps, plus multiple blowers, a circulation pump, ozone generator, and will control a light display that will impress your guests.