Edgetec Spa Bath Suction - Chrome - 100mm - 192lpm

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Edgetec spa bath suction face and wall fitting. Chrome. Face Diameter =100mm. Minimum Height off spa bath wall required = 24mm. Used on lanark spa baths and others. Used in conjunction with one of the Edgetec suction bodies sold separately

See images for removal of cover.
  • There is a raised/embossed hole in the outer ring of the cover that you can easily detect with your finger.
  • Once identified, insert a thin 'tool' such as a pop rivet or nail through the embossed hole and push down to depress the locking lever.
  • At the same time rotate the cover 1/8 turn anti-clockwise. Then pull cover away from the fitting.
  • Installation is a reversal except there is no need to use the rivet.
  • Ensure the locking lever engages and the cover cannot be unscrewed without aid of a tool.