Obsolete - Edgetec Spa Bath Suction - White - 100mm - 192lpm

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Edgetec suction Australian approved flow rate of 192lpm. 100mm diameter cover. Sits approx 24mm off wall of spa bath. Common on Lanark spa baths, and others.

Female threaded wall fitting suits Edgetec suction body only.

Note: The white version of this suction has been superseded by these Gray or Chrome suctions. 

See images for removal of cover:

  1. There is a raised/embossed hole in the outer ring of the cover that you can easily detect with your finger. Once identified, insert a thin 'tool' such as a pop rivet or nail through the embossed hole and push down to depress the locking lever. 
  2. At the same time rotate the cover 1/8 turn anti-clockwise.
  3. Then pull cover away from the fitting.
  4. Installation is a reversal except there is no need to use the rivet.
  5. Ensure the locking lever engages and the cover cannot be unscrewed without aid of a tool.