Fenwal 35-630200-007 - Raypak Ignition Module


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Fenwal 35-630200-007 - Raypak Ignition Module. Used in many gas appliances. Used in Raypak Gas Heaters such as the 200, 280, 350, 430 since 2019. 

24 VAC Microprocessor Based Intermittent Pilot Ignition Control


  • Safe Start and full time flame sensing
  • Custom pre-purge and inter-purge timings
  • Multiple trials for ignition
  • Mounts on standard 4 in. junction box
  • System diagnostic LED
  • Flame sense test pins
  • Remote flame sense option
  • Automatic reset 1 hour after lockout option


  • Commercial cooking equipment
  • Commercial gas furnaces
  • Unit heaters
  • Water heaters
  • Other applications requiring intermittent pilot


The 35-63 is a 24 VAC intermittent pilot (spark-to-pilot) ignition control. The microprocessor circuit design provides precise, repeatable timing and operating sequences. The on-board diagnostics with LED output make troubleshooting easy and ensures safe and efficient operation.

35-630200-007 / FEN35630200007

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