Gas Heater Run-on Controller - Cooldown Mode - Dontek H5RO


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This is a time-delay controller that allows a pool/spa pump to continue running for a period of time in order to allow a Gas heater to cool down properly. Uncooled heaters fail earlier, and often have pipes collapse due to the boiling water left in the heater. 

One of the most common failures of gas heaters is constant overheating. Even when it doesn't cause errors such as the infamous "F2" error, the constant overheating and over-running dramatically shortens the life of several components of gas pool and spa heaters. 

The Time Switch eliminates the problem of pounding and knocking due to overheated water, reduces scale and lime deposits, and extends the service life of the heater.

The H5RO controller operates a gas heater from a chlorinator timeclock (or other device). When the chlorinator (or other device) goes to switch off the pump, it shuts down the heater, while continuing to run the pump for a period of time. This is referred to as a Cool-Down Period.

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