Hurlcon Astralpool MX JX HX WX and VX Salt Chlorinator Display LCD Circuit Board


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Replacement LCD display screen for Hurlcon Astralpool MX, JX, HX, WX gas heaters. Also used in many early Hurlcon / Astralpool Salt Chlorinators (eg VX) with the green screens.

Commonly fail due to UV damage and / or heat. Some early Hurlcon facias did not have sufficient UV protection. May also fail due to other components on the circuit board. 

Suits: Hurlcon / Astralpool 70280 PCBs after 2004 and VX / VX S / VX T Salt Chlorinators with a greenish screen. 

Originally had black metal surrounding of the screen. Now are silver or black, depending on availability. Easily can be painted with a paint marker. This does not affect operation.

Important Notes:

  • Observe ANTISTATIC precautions when storing or handling these modules.
  • Reverse polarity connection to the module will cause irreparable damage.
  • Overheating components when soldering / de-soldering may damage the screen and PCB. 
  • Ensure both front and back of LCD PCB is tinned before soldering pins.
  • We recommend to be fitted by someone that can de-solder as well as solder. 
  • Should be fitted only by an experienced & qualified person. Other components can also cause the screen not to work properly. Should only be fitted by someone that knows these boards.

Once fitted, there is no warranty or returns on these products. We cannot hold any responsibility for incorrect installation, or other components that may damage the screen. 

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