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IQ SmartCheck 5 in 1 Pool & Spa Test Strips

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IQ Smart Chek Test Strips 5 in 1 is quick and easy to use giving a result in 15 seconds.
Tests Free Chlorine, Total Bromine, Total Alkalinity, pH & Calcium Hardness.

TOTAL BROMINE - This is the total amount of Bromine present in your Pool or Spa.

FREE CHLORINE - This is your pool or Spas primary sanitizer and must be maintained between 1-3 ppm. In this range your FREE CHLORINE will destroy contaminates, keeping your water clean and safe.

TOTAL ALKALINITY - Total Alkalinity is a measure of the substances in your Pool or Spa that resists changes in your pools pH. Keeping these levels correct prevent sudden changes to your pools pH, and reduces the chance of scale build up on the pool surfaces.

pH - This is the measure of your Pool or Spas Acidity or Alkalinity and should be kept between 7.2 and 7.8 for comfort, and to ensure that your Chlorine sanitizes effectively.  

CALCIUM HARDNESS - This is the amount of Calcium Carbonate that is dissolved in your Pool or Spas water. If you pool water is too Soft (Low Calcium Carbonate) it can become mildly corrosive, and will try to leach calcium from your pools surface, damaging it. If it is too Hard (High Calcium Carbonate) difficult to remove scale deposits will form, looking unsightly and being a danger to soft skin.


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