LX APR 800 V2 Spa Blower - Universal Air Blower

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Spa Air Blower / Bubbler used on many Chinese manufactured / Aurora / Infinity Megastore / eBay / imported spas. 230v, 50Hz, 880w, 4A dual stage fan for greater pressure operation up to 1000mm water depth. 700w motor and 180w heater element. 40mm Barrel Union. Can be used as a Universal air blower in portable spas.

This company also manufactures blowers for other "name-brand" companies.

Comes with AMP plug. Other plug styles can be adapted. Put a note when Checking out.

Suitable replacement for almost all alternate spa blowers with 'stated' ratings of 850-1100w. 

Power: 220-204V / 50Hz / 880W Total / 4A
Motor: 1HP, Dual-Stage, 700W
Max Water Depth: 1000mm
Plug Type: AMP (Other plugs can be fitted)
Length: 285mm
Height: 170mm
Width: 170mm
Plumbing: 40mm nominal
IP Rating: IPX4 
Warranty: 1-Year Return-to-Base

Note: We are aware of an alternate version of this blower with the same 'APR800' part number that has a second control wire and connects to Davey Spa Power controllers as a 'Variable speed blower.' Note that these blowers never officially existed, and there is no part number for these. This listed blower is NOT a replacement for those models. You must purchase SQ5602 to replace those blowers.