LX Whirlpool 2kW Spa Heaters - H20-R3


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LX Flow type heater 2.0kW H20-R3 LX Hot Tub Spa Heater. LX Flow type heater fits many different types of spas and brands. Used on many Chinese manufactured / Aurora / Infinity Megastore / eBay / imported spas.


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  • Heating element: using UL approval metal pipe electric-heating element, Incoloy 800 against high temperature and against causticity dedicated stainless steel pipe.
  • Temperature controlling element: double sheet metal thermostat, adjust temperature with 45C or 50C automatic reset, limit temperature with 60C manual reset.
  • Casing: SUS304 stainless steel.
  • Anti-dry-running protection: Water pressure switch, heater power ≥2000W

Certification: AU/NZ Electrical certification, CE European Union mandatory safety certification, TUV German safety certification. eBay and other sellers are selling a non-approved version of this heater that has not been approved or modified for the Australian market. These heaters can be Dangerous, and damage your spa. 

Important Notes:

LX Manufactured the same model numbers for several variations of these heaters. Several things may be different, and will need to be modified by an Electrician:

  • Internal wiring may be different and may need to be changed
  • May have a Vacuum switch, rather than a Pressure Switch
  • Length of metal tube may be different
  • May or may not use flow switch / pressure switch / vacuum switch

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