LX Whirlpool 3kW Spa Heaters - H30-R1

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Covid-19 Supply Information: In Stock until Sold Out. Due to Covid-19 supply chain delays, once stock is depleted, these will be available on BackOrder only. 

All Backorders are sent Express Post once items arrive. 

See here for ETA information. Note it is extremely unlikely anyone will have these, as we are supplied directly. 
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LX Flow type heater H30-R1 LX Hot Tub Spa Heater. LX Flow type heater fits many different types of spas and brands. Used on many Chinese manufactured / Aurora / Infinity Megastore / eBay / imported spas. See the Extremely Important Notes Below!  Standalone Heater Element Listed here

Extremely Important Notes:

LX used the same model numbers for several variations of these heaters. Some modifications may be needed to be made by an electrician. Also note the various dimensions.

  • Internal & External wiring may be different and may need to be changed

  • May have a Vacuum switch, rather than a Pressure Switch. This version can only be used on the Pressure side of a pump. 

  • Length of metal tube may be different - this one is 250mm (metal part only)

  • Diameter is ~51mm on the metal tube

Specifications / Details:

  • Length: 250mm - Metal Tube end-to-end
  • Diameter: ~51mm - Metal Tube Only
  • Activation Type: Pressure
  • Heating element: using UL approval metal pipe electric-heating element, Incoloy 800 against high temperature and against causticity dedicated stainless steel pipe.
  • Temperature controlling element: double sheet metal thermostat, adjust temperature with 45C or 50C automatic reset, limit temperature with 60C manual reset.
  • Casing: SUS304 stainless steel
  • Anti-dry-running protection: Water pressure switch, heater power ≥3000W


  • AU/NZ Electrical certification, CE European Union mandatory safety certification, TUV German safety certification.
  • eBay and other sellers are selling a non-approved version of this heater that has not been approved or modified for the Australian market. These heaters can be Dangerous, and damage your spa.


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