Madimack MJ Box and Auxiliary Timeclock - for Heat Pumps

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Madimack MJ-Box - This is a device that allows heat pump control override of a chlorinator/dosing system/timer, using the same filtration pump for heating.  

When the heat pump is turned on, the output will run the circulation pump until the heated water reaches the set temperature or is switched off by the WiFi timers.

If the unit reached temperature still within the timer set points, the unit will test the water by starting the filtration pump once an hour for 2 minutes to get an accurate temperature reading and will start heating process again if required.

When Wi-Fi timers are set through the app Relay switch will run the pump output accordingly.

Timers for the heat pump are on the Wi-Fi app (If no WiFi available additional timer may be required) internal setting require changing to suit this operation.

See electrical diagram supplied with M-box for further information

Madimack Auxiliary Timeclock - Time clock add-on for external aux control

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