Onga Director, Turbo, SpaMate Spa Controller and Touchpad


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Onga Director, Turbo, and SpaMate by Onga - spa control system. Came on many spas in the 1990s. Replacement options are available as there are no spare parts available. Newer Balboa/Onga spa bath pumps are *not* compatible with these controllers even though they look almost identical.

These systems are obsolete and no spare parts are available. We do not repair or supply any parts for these. Touchpads, PCBs, etc are all unavailable.

Replacement Options:

Mini SV1 - For: 1x Pump & 1x Blower & Light
Mini SV2 - For: 2x Pumps & 1x Blower & Light
Mini SV controllers have in-built timers, and have option for WiFi

Replacement Systems:

Please send an email with photos of your spa equipment, touchpad area, and an overall pic of how the system is plumbed from the equipment.

We will also need to know the power supply available to the spa. We can then tailor a replacement system for you.

New controllers require replumbing and electrical changes. 

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