Piranha Spa Jet Pumps - 1 and 2 Speed - LP & WP Series Information

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Piranha by Spa Systems New Zealand were a series of pumps used in the late 1990s into the 2000s. Spa Booster a pumps & Circulation Pump. We carry spare parts and replacement pumps for these.

The pumps themselves are obsolete, but some spare parts are available. 

Renowned for leaking from the wet-end when the plastics warped with age. 


  • LP200 2HP Single-speed, replaced by: QB2001
  • LP250 2.5HP Single-speed, replaced by: QB2501
  • LP300 3HP Single-speed, replaced by: QB3001
  • WP200 2HP Two-speed, replaced by: QB2002
  • WP250 2HP Two-speed, replaced by: QB2502
  • WP300 2HP Two-speed, replaced by: QB3002