Plast-Aid Plastic Repair Kit for PVC, Acrylic, ABS, Polycarbonate, Fibreglass

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Update 22/02/2021 - There is currently a shortage of this product into Australia. ETA is currently unknown.

2-Part Plastic Repair for PVC, acrylic, ABS, poly-carbonate, and other Plastics. Perfect for external leak repairs of plastic and acrylic parts under pressure. No need to replace cracked fittings. Clean and apply Plast-Aid on exterior of fitting for lasting seal and repair. 

Can also be hand moulded for various purposes. 

Perfect for filling Acrylic Spa Shell or Shower Base crack repairs. - Cast, Fill, Glue, Form, Sand. Can also be coloured.

Plast-Aid plastic repair for spas showers pvc abs and more.


  • Fill cracks in acrylic spa shell prior to painting
  • Repair cracked PVC and acrylic fittings such as valve bodies, manifolds, filter housings 
  • Make specialty fittings by cementing components together. 
  • Repair cracks in shower bases
  • Repair cracks on boats
  • Repair fittings that cannot otherwise be removed
  • Mechanically bonds to rough surfaces such as wood, stone, and concrete
  • Can be colored and tooled with long shelf life


  • Cures in ~15 mins. Hardens faster
  • Chemically fuses to ABS, PVC, acrylic, poly-carbonate, and other plastics.
  • Does not bond polyethylene, urethane, vinyl, glass, polished metals)
  • White in color, but can be coloured. See below.

Instructions / Directions:

  1. Test plastic to be adhered in an inconspicuous area by placing a drop of Plast-aid Liquid. If it becomes sticky / tacky, the plastic is likely to bond very well.
  2. Clean surfaces to be adhered, and make sure they are free of debris, grease, etc.
  3. Mix 1-part liquid to 2 parts powder. <-- This can be altered for various purposes. This is also the stage when a wood stain, or artist acrylic can be used to add colour.
  4. Apply when consistency suits use.