Raypak 45°C HiLimit for Raypak Davey Gas Pool & Spa Heaters - Thermal Cutout

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High Limit Switch used in many gas & electric heaters. Used on almost all pool and spa heaters. Found on the Inlet side of a gas pool or spa heater heater.  AKA Thermal Cutout. Commonly fail after time due to corrosion, or when replacing the brass temp sensor locator.

131 Gemini, Raypak 280, Raypak 350, Raypak 430, RP2100 and many more.

 Important Information:
- These are an Extremely Important Safety feature found on heaters. They must be replaced when necessary. 
- When installing, make sure both male & female thread are clean. We recommend lightly lubricating the thread, and *gently* screwing them in, as the thread shaft is thin brass. Dirty threads, or over-tightening can break the shaft. This is not covered by warranty.