S&P Waterco AquaSwim Gas Spa Heater - Spare Parts

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The S&P gas heaters ceased products around 20 years ago, as the manufacturer was taken over. There are no spare parts for these heaters, and htey should be upgraded to a new heater. 2000E & Others.

We'd recommend this heater as a suitable replacement. Note, that as with all current gas heaters they will require re-plumbing.

A70300E S&P 2000E Gas Heater
  100MJ c/w 2 Channel Air Switch & Timer - NAT
A70301E S&P 2000E Gas Heater
  100MJ c/w 2 Channel Air Switch & Timer - LPG

Spare Parts List
  1. Heat Exchanger 100MJ A70322
  2. HSP Air Switch Latch A70326
  3. Thermostat 70deg N/C A703281
  4. HSP Thermostat 45deg A70329
  5. HSP Burner Assembly (Natural) A70333 5 HSP Burner Assembly (LPG) A70334
  6. HSP Thermostat Knob A70362
  7. HSP Adjustable Thermostat A70364
  8. HSP Check Valve A70383
  9. HSP Igniter Rod A70422
  10. HS P Nova Gas Valve A70443
  11. HS P Control Box Electronic A70449
  12. HSP Transformer 24V A70450
  13. HS P Flame Rod A70451
  14. HS P Pressure Switch AXMF132
  15. Time Clock Assembly 644081
  16. Flue Assembly A703121 Thermocouple - 70°C Auto Reset A703281
  17. NA
  18. NA
  19. Piezo Igniter (Old) A70337 Gas Valve Coil A70386 Injectors for Burner (Natural) A70409 Injectors for Burner (LPG) A70412