S100 Spa UV Sanitation System (up to 75lpm) w/ power splitter & adaptors

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Obsolete. Superceded by CSN Ultrazone. High output UV technology that kilss 99.9% of all bacteria that passes through the chamber without adding any chemicals to the water.

- Reduces chloramine and chemical usage
- Reduces Ozone gas-off concerns
- Removes chlorine odour 

Works fantastically when combined with a good Ozone system. 

Trident ultraviolet series 100 UV sanitiser for portable spas.

Supplied with 2 x 3/4" barb adaptors (although a 2" coupling is required on one end in order to use these.

Maximum flow rate in order for the UV sanitisation to thoroughly occur is 75 litres per minute. Higher flow will not damage the unit but the unit will not be as efficient.

Perfect for use in line with spa circulation pumps ranging from Xylem E-10, E-14, Aquaflo Circ-master, LX JA35, etc or 'off line' from a main single or two speed jet pump.

The return from the Trident UV sanitiser should be straight to the spa via a return fitting, but can also be re-injected into the suction plumbing of any pump in the spa near the spa suction fitting.

This Trident Ultraviolet series 100 UV sanitiser can be effectively used in conjunction with ozone. Ozone should be injected prior to this unit for maximum efficiency, sanitation and oxidation. Available with different plug/cord types

Comes with power splitter & adaptor fittings

  • Series 100 Ultraviolet Spa Santizer System
  • Model Number: S100-04
  • Part Number: 004422900100 (may be different)
  • Voltage: 240VAC/50/50 Hz
  • Max Maps: 0.19
  • Max Pressure: 30 PSI / 3.1 bar


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