Schego WS2 Air Pump for Ozone or Air Injection



Schego Air Pump WS2. Can be fitted to Clearwater, Monarch, BO3, Aquasun, and many other Ozonators. Older ozone generators sometimes had a built-in air pump. None of the current manufacturers in Australia have this anymore. This can be retrofitted to many of the new ozone generators, such as the BO3

Ozone Generator Specifications:

  • Model: OZBWG-240V
  • Rating: 240VAC, 0.3A (Max), 50/60Hz
  • Ozone Output: 30-50mg/hour @  Air flow @0.8L/min
  • Part Number: 59260-KIT / 59088-KIT (USA).


  • Art. no.: 92 (…) ~ 250 l/h
  • Power supply: AC
  • Power consumption: 5 Watt
  • Dimensions with case: 130 x 70 x 50 mm
  • Weight with case: 550 g
  • Hose connection: 5 mm Ø

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