Spa-Tech Temperature Sensor - Thermistor - Oasis / Leisure Spas

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Spa-Tech Temperature Sensor - Thermistor - Oasis / Leisure Spas - 9.5mm Thread - Spa-Tech Temperature Sensor - Current Style is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Spa-Tech temperature sensor used on Chinese imported spas from Oasis Leisure Products & Others.

PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THREAD SIZE. They used both Stainless Steel & Plastic types, but the thread size is the important part, not the appearance. 

There are two versions of the temperature sensor:

  • New style with chunkier nut and thread - has a 9.5mm diameter thread. It can either be the large-nut Stainless Steel, or Black Plastic with Gland style. (interchangeable). This Sensor underwent a change late 2018 to a plastic nut / SS thermowell. 
  • Old style has smaller nut and thread - has 7.7mm diameter thread. These are no longer manufactured, so once stock is depleted, they will no longer be available.

Oasis / Spa-Tech Spare Parts: