Spa-Tech Touchpad Control Panel Key Pad - Oasis Spas & Others - 9 Button

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New Style Spa-Tech Controller touchpad and overlay. Commonly used in conjunction with Spa-Tech control box on Oasis Spas and many more. Can be used to retrofit & replace this older style touchpad.

Has Grey cable and a 4-wire plug. 9 - Buttons.

Suits Black CIII and Grey CII control systems.

Note: There are older incompatible (and no longer available) versions with twin plugs. These are not interchangeable.

Face: 195mm x 85mm
Hole: 175mm x 46mm

Oasis / Spa-Tech Spare Parts:

Spa-Tech C-II Spa Control System
Spa-Tech C-III Spa Control System
2.0kW Spa-Tech Heater Assembly
3.0kW Spa-Tech Heater Assembly
Spa-Tech Touchpads
Spa-Tech Temperature Sensors

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