Sundance® Spas .05kw High Flow Circ Pump - Aquaflo CMXP 2" 50mm - SD6500-911

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Aquaflo CMXP Circ-Master 4 pole high flow circulation pump with large 2" XP2 wet end for superior flow rates whilst still running at lower power. Wet end can be rotated to suit various installations. May have had a blue or black wet-end. This is the latest Genuine version.

Model: SD6500-911 / S-911
Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi Hot Tub high flow circulation pump. Side discharge. used on Sundance Spas - 2005+ 880 series. Replaces Aquaflo XP2 06040000-2, 2" xp2 48 fr pump wet end with Emerson K55MYKHF-9557 motor. 
240v, 50Hz, 1/12hp, 0.62A, 1425 rpm

This is an Aquaflo Circ-Master pump with 2" unions / XP2 wet end. Do not confuse with standard Aquaflo Circ-Master pump with 1.5" 40mm unions / FMCP wet end used on Spa Industries Spas such as Signature, Designer, Leisurerite, Cyclone and a number of other spas **

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