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Aquaflo 1/15th HP Circ Master HP Spa Circulation Pump Emerson - Best Prices

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Aquaflo Circ-Master HP Emerson spa circulation pump CMCP. The best, most economical high flow circulation pump in the industry at approx 170w. New style pump comes with capacitor box on side, and now has a cooling fan & cowl. 48-frame motor for powerful, economical running.

Used on SCS Industries spas such as Signature Spas, Bullfrog, Leisurite, Lanark, Cyclone Spas, Designer Series Spas, Sundance, Leisurite and many others. 

When cared for, these pumps often last 10 years or more.

May also have these part numbers and/or names:
Model:  02410004-2 Code 08155
Model: 02410004-2 Code: 05189
Model: 02410004-2 code 07345
Model: 02410004-251
Model: 02410004-2
Model: A-02410004-2510

Model: K55MYRPY-2111
Model: K55MYKHF-9557
Model: K55MYGRD-8367

Part No: 9352-9306
Part No: 9352-9309

Spa Industries: APUMC1562A,
Spa Industries: APUMC1552A,
Waterway Plastics Iron Might
Circmaster Emerson circulation pump 1/15HP
Emerson 1563 Spa Motor
Aquaflo XP2 06040000-2
Gecko Ref : 06334000-2040
Sundance / Jacuzzi Ref : 6500-911
Waterway Iron Might Circ Pump directly. 

1/15th HP, 220-240v, 50Hz, 0.62A, 1425 rpm. 

HP 1/15 
RPM 1425
AC VOLTS 220-240 V
S.F. 1.25
S.F.A. .03 A

Pump input and output in 2’’ (60mm)

  • 2’’ (60 mm) suction and backflow diameter for an increased circulation performance
  • Functioning with 6UF capacitor
  • Thermal overheat detector to preserve and increase the motor’s lifespan
  • Ultra silent functioning
  • Material adapted for spas and pools

The Circ-Master HP circulation pump is designed to function without risk of overheating and can run 24 hours a day.

Spare Parts:

- Unions
- Impellers
- Mechanical Seal
- Casing / Body O-Ring Seal

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