Waterway 1" / 25mm On / Off Valve


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Waterway On/Off Valve often used for neck, shoulder jet control or waterfalls, as well as other applications. Particularly suited to controlling outlets above water level where complete shut off is desired such as Waterfall, Neck Jets, Laminar jets and other features.
This valve has been copied by many Chinese manufacturers that are impossible to find. We've found that in almost all cases, the internal & cap parts can retrofit into the inferior Chinese copies. Check measurements to compare, or bring into our shop. 

  • 100% close off seal.
  • 1" / 25mm slip sockets on bottom and side.
  • Barb adaptors can also be used for hose flexible plumbing. 

Dimensions: (See Photos)

  • Body Thread: ~45.6mm OD
  • Cap Thread: ~43mm ID
  • Two Rings on Internal: ~32.8mm OD
  • Slot OD on Two Rings: ~29mm
  • Glued Fittings: 25mm/1" Nominal Pipe, or ~33mm Actual
Common on Monarch Spas and many other brands.
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