Zodiac Jandy LRZ Fusible Link - Fuselink

Part: Flue Vent Fusible Link

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Common cause of the Fusible Link Fault / Fuselink Error on Zodiac Jandy gas heaters. Common issue on the LRZ heaters. Replacements for both main (152C) inside main panel, and flue vent (240C) fusible links here.

  • Fusible link assembly replacement
  • Fits Legacy LRZE, LRZM, Jandy Lite2 LD, LG, LJ pool and spa heater models 125, 175, 250, 325, 400
  • Also fits Zodiac Jandy LXi Low Nox, LX/LT, LX/LT Low Nox pool and spa heater models 250, 300, 400
  • JXI 250-400
  • Compatible with Zodiac Hot Shot pool and spa heater model 100

- These are a very important safety feature of a pool heater. These commonly "trip" due to temperatures reaching the limits of these switches.
- This can mean the heater is faulty.
- These should only be fitted by a qualified person *after* the heater has been tested and serviced by a qualified person.
- Often fail due to incorrect gas pressures, blocked heat exchanger, sooted heat exchanger, etc.

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