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EvoHeat Force Model: i9kW EvoHeat Evo Force

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The EVO Force i-Series Inverter pool heat pump is our high performance domestic pool and spa heat pump that provides the lowest running costs. EVO Force Series is built with high quality components from leading brand manufactures in the USA, Europe and Japan and designed to perform 365 days of the year under our harsh Australian weather conditions.

Please don't compare to cheap imported heat pumps being sold left & right online. Buy something that is built-well, has the best warranty, and best backup. EvoHeat has Service Techs all over Australia, should you need anything. 

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EvoHeat Force Model RRP (List Price)
EvoHeat Force i9kW $4,150.00
EvoHeat Force i12kW $5,153.00
EvoHeat Force i14kW $5010.00
EvoHeat Force i17kW $6,519.70
EvoHeat Force i19kW $7,731.90
EvoHeat Force i24kW $8,611.90
EvoHeat Force i38 3PH $9,869.20

EvoHeat Heat Pumps come in Four Levels:

  • Fusion i-Series: Entry-level heat pumps. Great for spas & pools. Sizes: 7kW to 16kW
  • Evo Force i-Series: High-End heat pumps. This is a step up from the Fusion series. Comes with more features. Up to 6kW heating per 1kW power input! Sizes: 9kW to 26kW
  • Evo DHP-R Series: The ultimate heat pump for swimming pools and spas. Sizes: 9.7kW to 26.9kW
  • Evo CS & Gen2 Series:  Heat Pumps for Commercial Pools. Sizes: 38kW to 190kW

EvoHeat Options:

  • Smartphone App for full remote control of your heat pump
  • J-Box for running heat pump independently from filtration cycles.

      With eternally fluctuating energy prices, don’t gamble with low C.O.P. (i.e. low efficiency) pool heaters. The Force Series is a sure thing with class leading C.O.P. of 6kW+ output for every 1kW of electricity you pay for. It’s more than 600% more energy efficient compared to other pool heating technology on the market. More bang for your buck means a rapid return on investment. 

      EvoHeat Evo Force Features:

      • Extremely energy efficient with a C.O.P. of up to 6.57
      • Available in 6 pool heater sizes, 9kW to 26kW
      • Heating and cooling capability
      • Cutting edge, intelligent touch screen LCD allowing full programmability.
      • Compact sleek design
      • Low noise fan blades
      • PVC and powder coated zincalume corrosion resistant cabinet
      • Automatic defrost system
      • Electronic expansion valve (EEV2)
      • Ripple fin technology
      • Titanium heat exchanger
      • Eco-friendly and safe R410a regrigerant
      • Easy installation

      Warranty Details:

      • Heat Exchanger: 25 Years
      • Compressor: 5 Years
      • Other parts: 2 years 
      • On-Site Labour: 1 Year

      J-Box Integration: 
      Simply wire up the EvoHeat J-Box, to the pump, doser, and heat pump. Set the temperature. Let the EvoHeat system do the rest. A handy add-on that allows the heat pump to turn the main water pump on outside of filtration times – saving time, energy and money!

      Way More Information:

      With eternally fluctuating energy prices, don’t gamble with a low efficiency pool heater. The EVO Force Series is a sure thing with a class leading C.O.P. of up to 6.57 (24°C air 26°C water (kW)

      Unlike other pool heat pumps on the market, EvoHeat heat pumps delivers heating, cooling and automatic mode to suit all pool temperature requirements. 

      C.O.P. AS HIGH AS 6.57+
      EVO Force delivers pool heating through exceptional performance and at the lowest cost with C.O.P. as high as 6kw+ output for every 1kW of electricity you pay for.

      Cutting edge, intelligent touch screen LCD allowing full programmability. 

      EVO Force pool heaters are built with the highest durability while ensuring maximum heat transfer with increased output resulting in 30% higher efficiency in contrast with standard heat exchangers.

      The most advanced refrigeration control available. Our EEV provides precise refrigerant control which results in higher C.O.P.’s and improved efficiency of +10-15% over other commercial pool heater brands.

      EVO Force pool heat pumps utilise a four-way valve reverse defrost method. It provides automatic defrosting based on ambient temp and allows the unit to work with ambient air temperatures as low as -7°C.

      Our Bluetec hydrophilic coating on the condenser fins is the latest technology in corrosion protection allowing your pool heat pump to maintain its high efficiency for many years to come.

      EvoHeat’s ripple fin heater technology increases condenser surface area by 10-15% producing greater energy collection while maintaining a compact design.

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