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Mechanical Seal for SpaNET Davey QB and LX Whirlpool Pumps

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Mechanical Seal Kit suits all SpaNET Jetmaster, Davey QB series, LX Whirlpool pumps. Come in 2x grades. Standard & Superior.

Superior-Grade Seals:
Silicon Carbide primary ring / Silicon Carbide seat seal surfaces with Viton elastomers and stainless steel hardware for superior longevity against abrasion, corrosion & chemicals, and dry running - far more resistant to corrosives in the water.

Ceramic section - 35.5mm OD 
Spring section of the rubber 41.5mm OD

LX Whirlpool TDA, WP, LP, EA, JA Series
LX Whirlpool / Monalisa JA35 / JA50
LX Whirlpool LP150 
LX Whirlpool LP200 / WP200-II
LX Whirlpool LP250 / WP250-II
LX Whirlpool LP300 / WP300-II
Davey QB035
Davey QB1501
Davey QB2001 / QB2002
Davey QB2501 / QB2502
Davey QB3001 QB3002
SpaNET XS30 Jetmaster 
SpaNET XS-3c Quietflo

- Pre 2007 LX pumps were fitted with a physically different mechanical seal assembly.
- Does not suit DH series pumps.