1.5HP - 2 Speed - Balboa Vico Ultimax Spa Jet Booster Pump - Ultima

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Genuine Balboa Ultimax / Ultima / Vico Spa Jet Booster Pumps. This is the uncommon 1.5HP 2-speed pump. Both 1 and 2 Speed versions available. These supersede the older SuperWow pumps. Balboa Water Group GG Industries. Comes standard with AMP plug. Made in the USA

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Balboa Pumps marked "4HP" & "3HP" are actually a 2HP pump in Australian spas. See notes below for explanation. 

These are a very common pump found on many Spa Industries' brands of spas. (Bullfrog, Signature, Leisurite, Designer, Lanark, SCS Industries, etc)  They were often 2-speed pumps with the low-speed wire clipped off, thus actually becoming single speed pumps. If your plug has one wire clipped off, ensure the new pump has the same done! 


  • 1.5HP Two-Speed: Length: / Height: / Width: 195mm

 Important Notes: 

  • Some Spa Manufacturers use a complicated & confusing form of Horsepower measurement that was more commonly used in the USA, called hydraulic horsepower (HP=PSI*GPM/1714). It gives a more impressive appearance, and may give a false impression of performance. 
  • Australian HP ratings are calculated purely on input power in Watts, which are then converted to HP. (1HP=745.7Watts). 
  • Balboa & Aquaflo have both released pumps to spa manufacturers that use these confusing power ratings at the request of Spa Manufacturers. 
  • You can always look at the input ratings and convert back to real HP.
  • Rough HP measurement can also be calculated using Ohm's Law (V=IR).   These pumps also have an Amperage rating that can be roughly converted back to Watts, and then to Horsepower.
  • Furthermore, HP ratings are not an ideal measurement of pump performance anyway! Pump flow curves, which measure flow per metre of head pressure are a far more reliable method of measuring pump performance, especially with the advent of variable-speed DC motors.