Balboa SuperWow Vico Ultimax Spa Jet Booster Pumps - UM EME 4HPR / 2HP - 1 & 2 Speed Versions

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Speed: 2-Speed - Balboa Ultimax SuperWow Jet Booster Pump
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Balboa Vico SuperWow Spa & Swim Spa Jet Pumps. These were often labelled 4HP, 3HP, and 2HP. The "HP" was not actual HorsePower, but was used by name only.

SuperWow pumps have been discontinued, and are now all replaced by the Ultimax or you can use one of the pumps listed below. These were discontinued in 2019.

As these pumps are no longer available, you can replace with the following pumps. Note that these pumps have near-identical wet-end (plumbing end), but the motors are sometimes shorter, or taller. Most pumps listed have dimensions. Generally speaking, they can be replaced with no plumbing changes, but the motor feet may need to be adjusted.

Suitable SuperWow Replacement Pumps: Note physical size comparisons. 

All Balboa Pumps marked "4HP" are actually a 2HP pump in Australian spas. See notes below for explanation. 

These are a very common pump found on many Spa Industries' brands of spas. (Bullfrog, Signature, Leisurite, Designer, Lanark, SCS Industries, etc)  They were often 2-speed pumps with the low-speed wire clipped off, thus actually becoming single speed pumps. If your plug has one wire clipped off, ensure the new pump has the same done! 


  • 2-Speed Balboa Pumps May Include the Following Part Numbers: 1023021 ,1023033 ,1023034, 1023324, 1038105, 1038305, 1038301, APUM40253A and others. You can also check your existing pump for 4x wires at the plug.
  • 1-Speed Balboa Pumps May Include the Following Part Numbers: 1023032, 1023130,1038301, 1038400, 1038200, 1038401, APUMU4153A, APUM401533, APUM40156A, and others. You can also check your existing pump for 3x wires at the plug.

Important Notes:

  • Some Spa Manufacturers use a complicated & confusing form of Horsepower measurement that was more commonly used in the USA, called hydraulic horsepower (HP=PSI*GPM/1714). It gives a more impressive appearance, and may give a false impression of performance. 
  • Australian HP ratings are calculated purely on input power in Watts, which are then converted to HP. (1HP=745.7Watts). 
  • Balboa & Aquaflo have both released pumps to spa manufacturers that use these confusing power ratings at the request of Spa Manufacturers. 
  • You can always look at the input ratings and convert back to real HP.
  • Rough HP measurement can also be calculated using Ohm's Law (V=IR).   These pumps also have an Amperage rating that can be roughly converted back to Watts, and then to Horsepower.
  • Furthermore, HP ratings are not an ideal measurement of pump performance anyway! Pump flow curves, which measure flow per metre of head pressure are a far more reliable method of measuring pump performance, especially with the advent of variable-speed DC motors.

Other Details You May See:

  • Super Wow 4HPR or UM SI 4.0HPR or 4HPR 2S
  • VOLTAGE: 220-240V
  • PHASE: 1
  • CURRENT 7.8A, 8.4A, 8.7A, 9.0A high speed
  • RPM: 2800RPM
  • MAX HEAD: 57.75FT
Balboa Water Group GG Industries. Comes standard with AMP plug. Made in the USA.

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