2.0HP - 2-Speed - SpaQuip MaxiFlow Spa Pumps - Q6887

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Q6887 2.0HP Two-Speed SpaQuip Maxiflow Spa Pump replacements. The older Davey SpaQuip Maxi-flow pumps are no longer available, and have been superseded by our Q Series pumps. 

Q6887 is superseded by our Q2002

Wet-end Head can be rotated 90-180° to various position for various installations. Scroll images to see.

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These replacement kits come with a retrofit split-union (see photos below), in addition to the standard unions, to reduce the amount of plumbing changes needed. We cannot guarantee these replacements will be an exact match, because each spa was fitted off differently. 

See photos for comparison of old types to the new types. Note that Spa-Quip used to use "Nominal" Horsepower ratings, so the 'Named' HP was not very accurate at all. Pumps labelled 3HP might actually only be 2HP motors, and so on. New pumps use Wattage for calculate horsepower. We have made sure the Old Models listed below match up to Current Models as close as possible.

Q6887-AMP (AMP Overmoulded plug) 
Q6887-C38 (3-pin plug)
Q6887-JJ (Mini J&J plug)

Old Style Nut: (The nut is removed to fit the next Retrofit nut)

New Retrofit Split Nut: (replaces old nut while still using old tail)

New Style Pump Dimensions:

  • Q2002: Length: 431mm / Height: 235mm / Width: 200mm

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