Air Switch for 12V Lights - Single

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Single Airswitch for the control of 12v AC 2 wire incandescant or LED lighting. Airswitch and light transformer all in one. 
Can control:
  • 1 x 12w incandesant GE912 glass wedge lamp
  • Multiple LED lamps / string lighting systems up to 1500mA total load.
Cannot control:
  • Two or more 12w lamps
  • Dichroic 2 pin lamps - typically 35-50w (Waterco / Spa Electrics)
Maximum load: 12W, 1.5A, 18VA
Power: 240v AC in / 12v AC out
Terminals: 12v AC output screw terminals
Fuse: 2A fuse located on the underside of the air switch box.

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